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Walking down the memory lane

Walking down the memory lane

26. February 2015

330 days of happiness, 330 days of curiosity, 330 days of exploration, 330 days of self-improvement, 330 days of joy My very personal Throwback Thursday I can’t believe it’s been almost five years since I stepped on Mexican ground for the first time and almost four years since I left that amazing piece of earth. I know […]

My secret for happy clients

19. February 2015

Give me what I want and not what I’m asking for The relationship between designers and their clients can be a challenging thing. Establishing a healthy relationship for both parties of a project – for the one who orders and the one who creates, or the one who pays and the one who produces (if […]

It’s the mix

It’s the mix

3. September 2014

My home, my district, my neighbourhood, my block … The barrio (engl. district) “El Carmen” is the oldest and probably also most remarkable part of Valencias old town. Many narrow streets with shops, galleries and especially restaurants, bars and cafés invite you to drift through this area. Located between the Torres de Serranos, the Plaza […]

Work like money doesn’t matter.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
And dance like nobody is watching.